Prevention and Treatment of Drool Rash in Babies

Prevention and treatment of drool rash in babies
During teething, the drool often drips out of the corners of the mouth and spills on the chin, neck and cheeks of babies. This often leads to formation of rash in the exposed areas of the skin. Let’s look into ways to treat and prevent drool rash.

Apply Moisturizer

One effective way of treating drool rash in babies is by applying a bit of Vaseline petroleum jelly or Aquaphor on the affected area. Although petroleum jelly does not add moisture, it leaves the skin soft and holds the moisture against your skin. So, applying a thin film of petroleum jelly ensures that the internal moisture is retained, which helps to soothe irritated skin.

Barrier Creams

Barrier cream prevents direct skin exposure to the drool. This helps in keeping the rash under control and prevents further irritation. Other creams that help in treating drool rash in babies include Lansinoh, Sudocrem, Vaseline and Bepanthen. Although Bepanthen is formulated for diaper rash, it can also be used in treating drool rash on account of its moisturizing properties. It is high in vitamin B5, which facilitates the skin’s healing process, and assists to keep the skin soft and healthy.

Wipe it Away

This is the best way to keep drool rash at bay. Whenever you notice the drool leaking from the baby’s mouth, immediately wipe it away gently with a damp cloth. Keeping the area dry and preventing the drool from making direct contact with the skin for long, often works to avoid rash.

Discard Skin Irritants

Drool rash is an indication that the skin is extremely sensitive; hence one should keep the baby away from skin irritants. The rash may aggravate when exposed to perfumes and fragrance-containing products. So, when washing baby clothes, look for products that are without fragrances. Even breastfeeding mothers should avoid using perfumes, as it may worsen the baby’s skin condition.

Use Bibs

Using bibs is one of the best ways to prevent drool rash from occurring in the baby’s neck folds. Bibs, as we know are garments particularly designed for babies with drooling problems. The garment is worn in such a way that it covers the neck and chest area. This ensures that baby’s clothing does not get spoiled from drooling.

Place an Absorbent Cloth Diaper

Babies drooling at nighttime can dampen the bed sheets. Sleeping on such wet sheets all night can worsen drool rash. In such circumstances, placing an absorbent cloth diaper underneath the bed sheet is an effective way to treat and prevent drool rash in babies. The diaper cloth does an excellent job at absorbing all the drool, thereby ensuring dryness on the bed sheet and preventing any sort of skin irritation.

In case the rash does not clear with the aforementioned remedies, consultation with a pediatrician is necessary to discuss other treatment options.